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Our distribution method guarantees the traceability of our Vanilla beans.

The family plantation "LAVANY" was founded by our great grandparents in 1924 in Betavilona in the northeast of Madagascar.

Our crops are grown according to traditional non-mechanized methods at an altitude of 300 meters. It is a very isolated wooded mountainous area, with a unique terroir, out of reach of urban, industrial and agricultural pollution.

Through the commercial brand "Vanille LAVANY" we directly distribute our production of Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar, to Professionals in the catering trade.

  • Vanilla AB - Organic farming logo Certified AB - Organic Farming certified by logo ECOCERT  
  • Conventional Farming

  • Professional products - GOURMET Quality

  • Guaranteed traceability and respect for the environment
  • From the Planter-Refiner to the consumer without intermediaries

Our team

Séchage de la Vanille au soleil

Sun drying after scalding

The Liquid Extracts 200g/l et 400g/l LAVANY as well as our Pure Powder not exhausted LAVANY logo Certified AB - Organic Farming 

are made with only Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar.

Our jobs

We continue to cultivate and refine Vanille LAVANY using traditional methods. Our main objective is to preserve our environment by offering each year to our Client-partners the best Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar. So we don't use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and our crops are GMO-free.

"We are satisfied with what nature gives us"

A family business like ours can only exist and last by offering rigorously selected Vanilla beans of exceptional quality.

Our main concern on a daily basis is to give complete satisfaction to the most demanding professionals."

Lucia SALVETAT Gérante de Vanille LAVANY


Manager of Vanille LAVANY

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