Vanilla Extract 400 g/l liquid
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Vanilla Extract 400 g/l liquid

Liquid extract of Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, concentration equivalent to 400 grams of Vanilla per liter, alcohol-free, with seeds.

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LAVANY Liquid Extracts are made with only Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar, alcohol-free, with Vanilla Bourbon seeds as standard.
The concentration is equivalent to 400 grams of Bourbon Vanilla beans per liter of Liquid Extract.
Liquid Extracts are developed to adapt to the requirements of Professionals in the Food, Crafts and Industry professions.

Ingredients: sugar syrup, Vanilla Bourbon extract, caramel (sugar-water), Vanilla seeds (20g).
Our extracts are guaranteed without the addition of chemical vanillin, color or flavor enhancer.
Density: 1,25 kg
Option: Bourbon Vanilla Liquid Extracts can be prepared without seed.

Packaging: in food-grade plastic bottle (PET), capacity of one liter or in 6 x 1 liter carton, with airtight caps for long storage.

Best before:
- in its closed bottle, at a stable temperature around 4 ° C, away from direct sunlight: 24 months
- in its open bottle stored in the refrigerator: 12 months

Directions for use: Shake the bottle before each use, the seeds naturally depositing at the bottom.

Price excluding taxes, VAT rate in addition for France: + 5.5% for all products and + 20% for transport.

Delivery is free for mainland France, excluding Corsica.

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EXTRACT liquid 400

EXTRACT liquid equivalent of 400 grams of Vanilla pods per liter

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